Saturday, 15 October 2016

Why the Criterion Collection should be Preserved.

The Criterion Collection is the leading brand when it comes to informative physical media. The way how the label informs the viewer is entertaining to say the least. Each of there Blu-ray's have a distinct taste to them. Each come with either a booklet or a poster, and as well, there filled to the brim with Bonus Features. Recently, a new company called Film Struck has came along to the business. Similar to what Criterion is doing, but without it's unique value, is that there releasing ONLY Criterion feature films onto it's streaming platform. None of the good fun stuff such as Bonus Material will be available on Film Struck. So, with this new media change occurring, I believe that we should keep preserving the Criterion label, with 3 good reasons.

1. It teaches us the art of film making, while entertaining the viewer.

2. The general creativity and art that goes towards the Criterion label is something to admire. Artists such as Seth and Riccardo Vecchio help illuminate the cinematic experience, and without them, the additional touch would be lost.

3. It shows us new and inventive films in which you haven't seen before. Most Criterion films are usually obscure independent features. A Criterion can show the viewer an experience like no other

Because of Film Struck, I'm mildly against it. The Criterion Collection will always be a great platform for physical media, and must continue to thrive to accomplish it's goal. To teach audiences about new art.