Sunday, 2 July 2017

Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver is most likely the most original and fun film available in theaters at this moment in time. The shear amount of energy in which Edgar Wright has been producing this film for over 20 years, is quite impressive to say the least. Edgar and the cast and crew surely has a grasp on the overall arks of technical and narrative film making. The way how the plot moves and how it's told is beautiful. Nothing feels generic. Most complaints about the film, come from the third act. But to be honest, even decisions and narrative risks which took place in said ending, is understandable and works. My only complaint with the film, is how it's paced. Sometimes, it feels a bit wonky or too slow compared to previous scenes. Other then that, this is an energetic rush of an experience. It's a masterpiece to behold, and I recommend it too anyone who wants to see a great film. 


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