Friday, 2 June 2017

A Quick Discussion with Buster's Mal Heart Director (Sarah Adina Smith)

Recently, I had the chance to interview the director of the new Indie film Buster's Mal Heart (You can see my review right here) Personally, it was an honor to talk to Sarah. The thing which interested me the most about what she said, was about the Psychology in the film.


Buster’s Mal Heart is the story of one man’s heart at war with himself. I just wanted to tell the story from an emotional truth rather what you can say is a pragmatic or analytical point of view.  I wanted to tell the story of how one man could split into two, how one man can essentially have a heart so strong it tears a hole in the fabric of space time. It’s about this man wrestling with these really deep existential questions about his place in the universe and about if freedom is possible, and that those kind of questions swirling around in his own heart, is what manifested or may appear symptoms of mental illness.

What Sarah has stated does give some insight towards the film. Not only that, the way she explains and processes her characters is a breath of fresh air. I implore you all to go see Buster's Mall Heart.

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