Saturday, 10 June 2017

It Comes At Night Review

Dear A24,
Keep on making films like these, get a better marketing team, and don't ever make films like The Blackcoat's Daughter and Barely Lethal Ever AGAIN. If you do this, you'll be my favorite!
  David Cuevas

As hard as it may sound to say this, I believe It Comes At Night is not really much of a horror, but a drama with some gruesome moments. The way how writer and director Trey Edward Shults manipulates the sparse six character's in a confined location, is an interesting statement to say the least. It Comes at Night isn't a film which uses monsters and gore to it's advantage. It uses survival and human negotiations to start it's main conflict. The main thematic theme, in my opinion, is how we as humans act, when there's a state of crisis (specifically, an infection) turns the character's against each other. It's something odd and new which we haven't seen before. As Well, the dialogue and performances feel natural, to the point the film feels off putting in it's own way. Cinematography and short composition (which  foreshadows events in the plot) also helps with this off putting feeling. Although the music may be a little too sparse, and the jump scares were a little uneven and not really necessary, It Comes at Night is a great film. Check this one out, as long as you have the mindset that your watching a survival drama and not a full blown horror.

Rating: 8.2/10

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